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摘要: 转自 http://blog.joycode.com/liuhuimiao/archive/2007/03/04/94132.aspx
通过以下代码枚举列出所有的Exchange Server、StoreGroups和MailStore,并获取每个MailStore中Mailbox的数量。本段C#代码为http://www.ureader.com/message/513012.aspx一文中的VBNET代码改写而成,在Exchange 2003环境中测试通过。阅读全文

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摘要: Single Sign-On (SSO) is a hot topic these days. Most clients I worked with have more than one web application running under different versions of .NET framework in different subdomains, or even in different domains and they want to let the user login once and stay logged in when switching to a different web site. Today we will implement SSO and see if we can make it work in different scenarios. We will start with a simple case and gradually build upon it:

SSO for parent and child applic阅读全文

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摘要: .NET Framework Class Library: System.DirectoryServices Namespace http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/cpref/html/frlrfsystemdirectoryservices.asp How to poll for changes to the Active Directory by ...阅读全文

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摘要: 整合不同的ASP.NET Web 应用程序1、打开IIS,删除各个模块项目的由VS.NET建立的虚拟目录2、新建一个ASP.NET Web 应用程序,比如(MasterWeb)3、把各个模块拷到MasterWeb目录下4、打开各个模块的"<ModuleProjectName>.csproj.webinfo" 文件 5、修改.csproj.webinfo 里的URL路径为:<Web...阅读全文

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摘要: DotNetNuke Module PackagerAutomated Module Creation Tool for DotNetNukeCreating a DotNetNuke® Module - For Absolute Beginners!DotNetNuke URL Rewriting HTTP Module阅读全文

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摘要: Authenticate a user against the Active Directory using the user ID and password By Anand ThakurApril 05, 2006 This article serves as a guide to using System.DirectoryServices (SDS) ADSI to access user...阅读全文

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摘要: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/ad/ad/user_object_user_interface_mapping.aspActive Directory 的属性,对AD做操作是一定要知道的。User Object User Interface MappingThe following tables i...阅读全文

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摘要: Active Directory Sample I By John O DonnellAugust 23, 2001 This sample shows how to access Active Directory information in a Windows 2000 domain.My test network consists of a Windows 2000 domain contr...阅读全文

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摘要: Using Active Directory By Vivek SharmaJuly 31, 2002 This sample code can sense current context in Active Directory, checks for the existence of attributes, provides a list of all the attributes in Act...阅读全文

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摘要: Active Directory and .NET By Erika EhrliJune 22, 2005 Microsoft Technet offers a script repository to work with AD User Accounts; however, I needed to work with .NET and I could not find samples for a...阅读全文

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